Đề kiểm tra năng lực môn Tiếng Anh Khối 4

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  1. Full name: ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEST Class:4 Time: 45 minutes I. LISTENING 1. Listen and number A.___ B___ C.___ D.___ E.___ 2. Listen and circle the correct picture 1. 2.
  2. 4. What ___ are you? A. national B. nationalities C. nationality D. nationals 5. Where ___ Jenifer ___ from? A. is - come B. does - come C. are - come D. does - comes 6. ___ do you go swimming? - At weekends A. What B. When C. How D. Who 7. I help my parents ___ home. A. at B. in C. on D. with 8. Tony goes to school ___ Monday ___ Friday. A. to/ to B. until/ to C. on/ on D. from/ to 9. ___? - I am Japanese A. Where are you from? B. Where is your nationality? C. Where do you come from? D. What nationality are you? 10. ___ she visit her uncle on Sundays? - No, she ___. A. Do/ don’t B. Is/ isn’t C. Does/ does D. Does/ doesn’t Exercise 4: Read and answer the following questions Jon and Dave are classmates. They like sports and they play baseball every week. They don’t play basketball. After school, Dave often does his homework. Jon often reads books before he goes to bed. 1. Who are Jon and Dave? ___ 2. Do Jon and Dave like sports? ___
  3. 5. She is from Australia.☐ 6. Merry christmas!☐ 6) Read and tick ✔ Yes or No. This is my best friend. His name is Tom. He is ten years old. He is from America. He is a pupil at Nguyen Du Primary School. He likes music very much. He can dance and sing many English songs. He goes to the Music Club on Sunday. Yes No 1. Tom is 10 years old. ☐☐ 2. Tom is American. ☐☐ 3. Tom can dance and sing English songs.☐ ☐ 4. Tom goes to the Music Club on Saturday.☐ ☐ 7) Read and complete: Vietnamese playing play the guitar English riding a bike Her name is Mai. She is from Vietnam. She’s (0)___. She is studying at Dinh Tien Hoang Primary School. She is in class 4C. Her subject is (1)___. She can (3)___. Her hobby is (4)___ and she likes (4)___ badminton with her sister after school. 8) Order the words to make a complete sentences: